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Every gemstone from Wennick–Lefèvre is natural unheated
and we have been present throughout the supply chain
from miner to cutter to jeweller.

Every Gemstone comes with a certificate of origin and a brochure of transparency.

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Coca–Cola sapphires

The name Coca-Cola has been invented by locals and used by traders as a description of its colour. We have also heard the names whisky and cognac being used and our guess is that these terms are used to make them sound more exclusive.
We prefer the name Coca-Cola, as it’s amusing and everyone knows what colour we are referring to. Again, the stones are spectacular and don’t need a fancy name to underline that. The colours are orangey, brownish with a pinkish tint.
While each stone typically has one dominating shade, they all have additional tones, adding complexity to the gem.
They are also colour shifting depending on the light source. 

Coca-Cola sapphires always remind us that every natural unheated sapphire is truly unique.

These amazing sapphires are available now to specific requests in rose cut, diamond cut and hexagonal in sizes 1.0–4.5 mmØ.
– and as single pieces upon request

cocacola cleaned

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teal sapphires

Directly sourced in Diego Madagascar

Available in diamond cut in sizes 1.5 – 4.0 mmØ

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